Elmira Stove Works has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! Our customers agree:

Elmira Stoves are ONLY the Best. I love your company. I LOVE every Elmira item I ever got from you in the past & I’m so looking forward to this item.

Lara F, AR

For over 15 years, Elmira Stove Works has been my home improvement shop’s go-to manufacturer for vintage-inspired appliances. In that time, they have delivered quality product; provided us with wonderful customer support; and a healthy market territory. As someone who strongly believes in customer service first, I feel confident recommending Elmira and Northstar appliances to all of my clients. We do a lot of referral and repeat business, and the clients have spoken! They love this product-line! As an independent dealer in a vast market filled more and more with big box stores they have proven to be a loyal and reliable resource that has remained a champion of independent business. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten to know and love the team at Elmira. Thank you, Elmira Stove Works! I look forward to many more years of business together.

Syna A, RSSA Vintage, Anaheim, CA

We certainly feel special! Much appreciated! Excellent customer service all around, gentlemen! Would appreciate our praises being forwarded to your respective upper managements!

Janet M, ON

People could NOT believe the stove and fridge were real! It was the talk of the museum / event center.

Frankie W, GA

I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying my new stove. For more than 25 years, I had your combination electric and wood and loved it. We live in a house built in 1881, so the old style is perfect. I want to tell you the features I like about the new one: the cast iron looking finish, the large self-cleaning oven, the oven preheats much faster and signals when the temperature has been reached. I like the height of the cooktop and the exposed controls for the burners. The timer is a very nice feature and the extra light is most helpful.

Raymonda W, CA

AWESOME COSTUMER SERVICE, BEAUTIFUL… We purchased an Elmira stove 11 years ago when we built our home. This stove is the most complimented item in our home. We love it! One of our burners quit working along with the entire oven. I was apprehensive since I was dealing with a company that is not even located in the United States. However, my apprehension was unfounded! They answered my call, a technician called me back, they sent me parts, walked us through the fix, and did not stop until it was in 100% working order again! The entire cost of fixing the stove was under $100!! We could not have been happier or treated any better from a store in our own hometown. I would recommend Elmira Stove Works WITHOUT ANY RESERVATIONS!!

J McGill

The customer service at Elmira Stove Works through both Liz and Don was wonderful!


Last summer we purchased three appliances from Elmira Stove Works. SPECTACULAR!!!!! Our neighbors come over often to marvel at these works of art. We knew that our new appliances would be beautiful; what we didn’t realize is how modern, efficient, and well-made they are also! My wife frequently marvels at how well the stove cooks with even heat on the burners and within the oven and how easy it is to clean and maintain. I marvel every day at how cool all that chrome looks. Needless to say we are extremely pleased with our purchases, we highly recommend Northstar and Elmira Stove Works to anyone who asks where we made our purchases and we commend the personnel, staff and skilled craftsmen at Elmira for producing such daring concepts, bold designs and extremely well crafted products.

Richard R, PA

I love my Elmira stove and refrigerator, they’re the BEST!!

Diane P, MI

I love my Elmira stove. It’s been two years and it still makes me happy and the food is delicious.

Carrie E, MO

Love my Northstar stove and refrigerator! We are all decorated for a vintage holiday! Merry Christmas from my retro kitchen to yours!

Tammy H, MO