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While the entire world is marching towards modernization, certain things are coming back in style and one of the things that is coming back is wood cook stoves. There is some value in making us of old fashioned items such as wood cook stoves. They were more in tune with nature and they created less harm to the earth and to human beings. Wood has always been one of the basic sources of fire since the time we discovered fire. Once we started using gas and electricity, they slowly replaced wood.

As wood cook stoves are coming back in fashion, it is good to know some basics. You can find wood cook stoves made of cast iron. Victorian style wood cook stoves were made of cast iron. You will also be able to find wood cook stoves in steel. These two metals are used because of their highest level of heat conductivity which is essential for a cook stove. If the conductivity level is poor, your wood cook stove will consume a lot of fuel. To make wood cook stoves fuel efficient, they were made of cast iron or steel.

Wood cook stoves are also used for home heating needs. However if they are to be used for home heating needs, it should be properly designed to ensure that it does not let out fumes and smoke into the house. Secondly they should be constructed with proper vents to effectively make use of the heat that is generated during cooking. By making use of wood cook stoves, you can become less dependent on the modern equipments that harm the nature.

The choice and the quality of wood is very important. If you make use of poor quality wood, lighting your stove will be not only difficult, the heat generated will also be ineffective. Finding good stock of wood can at times be a challenge. It can get all the more challenging during winter. However, with little careful planning you will be able to handle these small problems effectively. So stocking your wood should not stop you from trying wood cook stoves.

One of the concerns that people have regarding wood cook stoves is the time consumed. Not all of us have the luxury of time on our side. If you think you have the time, then you can make use of wood cook stoves. You cannot preheat your oven instantly like you do with your modern ovens. You will have to light your wood cook stove well in advance for preheating purposes. If you have a hectic lifestyle, you will have to keep wood cook stoves for weekend or vacation cooking.

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