|1950 Appliances|Elmira Stove Works|Retro Appliances|Retro Refrigerator For a subdued traditional look, Northstar antique ranges are now available with color-matched trim. The cook top trim rail, base skirt and splashback trim on these models are powder-coated with durable automotive enamel to match the rest of the range.

Now you can choose from Northstar's original ranges with full chrome trim, or new "P" models with color-matched trims to match the rest of your range. Our powder-coated automotive enamel finishes are not only spectacular - they are also tough and durable. Ranges with color-matched trims retail for $500 less than full-chrome models.

Welcome to "Create Your Own Antique Range". Each Elmira appliance is as unique as the customer who orders it. Create your range to suit your very own décor, personal taste and cooking style - there are over 150,000 possibilities! After you have selected your options on the left, click on "Show Stove" - the range and pricing will appear on the right. Try several combinations to find the one that's best for you!

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