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A mancave is a place that every man desires – a place where men can sit and relax, chill, and discuss typical male activities. Some men have also gone overboard to leave their lush houses and chose basements of homes by installing a premium bar and entertainment zone, as well as movie seating arrangement.

Well, when you are planning a mancave, you can actually include some really cool gadgets to make it a really manly. So, it’s time to build your bucket-list and organize your mancave with really affordable high-tech gadgets and furnishings.

Here’s a list of our recommendations.
• Beverage Refrigerator: Men cannot own a fridge that doesn’t store a case of beer – that’s the rule! So, you have to choose a fridge that can store 18 six-packs or 117 of those standard 12 oz cans. That would make any tournament a great event to watch. Also, you may want to store some non-alcoholic beverages as well as foods. Try the Whynter BR-125SD Beverage Refrigerator.
• Beer Tender: A full-fledged beer tap setup may not be needed to enjoy the experience of a true bar. All you need is a beer tender. The Krups BeerTender is a good enough. It keeps your beer cool at 37.4F and fresh for as long as 30 days. Affordable and easy to install, a beer tender can make your mancave worth it!
• Grill: How can a mancave be complete without some good food? Install a Foreman grill with a floating-hinge that easily adjusts the thickness of food and comes with a non-stick surface. You don’t need oil or grease to grill your food. That’s really healthy, right?
• Apple TV: To enjoy the game of soccer and have a blast in your mancave, you need the Apple media streamer. It plays 1080p HD videos from iTunes library and other third-party providers like Vimeo, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. With the help of AirPlay integration, it becomes easier to stream photos and music from iOS devices onto any widescreen TV.
• HDTV: Of course, to use the Apple TV you need an HDTV too. You can choose an affordable LCD HDTV instead of a LED, and still enjoy your favorite shows and tournaments in your private mancave. Go for the LG 42CS560 42” – it’s ultimate!
Your mancave is your den. Make it larger than life!

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