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Everybody has heard of the refrigerator, but what exactly is a kegerator? A kegerator is the dream of an enthusiastic beverage drinker. To put things simply, it is a refrigerator that has the capability of dispensing kegs, which makes it the ideal thing for storing a beverage.
When kegerators burst onto the mainstream, they were an instant rage with beer drinkers. But as time has passed, kegerators have grown in reputation, and today, they cater to not just beer drinkers, but enthusiasts of coffee and wine as well.

What to Know Before Buying a Kegerator?
Sizes: Kegs can be broadly classified into three sizes; home brew (5 gallons of beer), quarter keg (7.75 gallons of beer), and half keg (15.5 gallons of beer). What size you buy depends on how frequently and how much you drink your beer.
Costs: Expect to spend between $200 and $2000 for most modern day kegerators. You may have to incur separate charges for carbon dioxide canisters and full-sized kegs.

How exactly is a Kegerator Beneficial?
Fewer Bottles to contend With: Empty bottles have irritated plenty of beer drinkers, but with a kegerator, you can safely say goodbye to that problem. From an environmental perspective too, bottles are a nuisance. Bid goodbye to bottles, and say hello to a new way of savoring your favorite brew.
Savings, savings, and more savings: For regular beer drinkers, it makes no sense to keep on buying bottles and cans. The long-term expenses are not just huge, but unnecessary as well. Why waste all that extra money for nothing when you can spend it on more beer? Or better yet, use the money for something else. Save more with a kegerator.
Serve multiple glasses simultaneously: The evolution of kegerators has resulted in the introduction of multi-tap kegerators, which are perfect fits for large-scale parties, when you need to serve beer to more than one person at the same time.
Pour yourself a nice mug of beer after a tiring day from a kegerator, and see what it means to own one!

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