About Elmira Stove Works

The 70’s and 80’s: Traditional thinking…


1975 Elmira “chicken barn” factory


1976 – expanded manufacturing plant

Elmira’s connection to vintage appliances dates back three generations. Founder Tom Hendrick’s father supplied woodburning cookstove parts to local Mennonites from his hardware store in Elmira, Ontario. In 1975, Tom saw an opportunity to supply complete cookstoves to the local market and, potentially, all of North America. He acquired the rights for the Findlay Oval cookstove, and began manufacturing in a former chicken barn just outside of Elmira. The popularity of the stoves grew, and consumers soon began to ask for similar styling in gas and electric models. Hendrick responded, and the product line expanded to include a full line of gas and electric ranges with traditional styling and some of the modern features the company offers today. Fireplace shops, appliance stores and emporiums across the continent became an enthusiastic dealer network for Elmira’s growing line of products.

The 90’s: Good ideas growing…


Complete Antique kitchen

The nineties saw Elmira expand its “Antique” line, with the addition of refrigerators, wall ovens, microwaves and dishwashers; all offered in rich, traditional colors (Black, Bisque, White, Cayenne Red and Liberty Blue) and the same vintage-styling. As the product line grew, so did the company’s customer base; purchasing vintage-styled appliances for Victorian homes, cottages, log homes, or simply accent pieces in more contemporary kitchens. Tom’s son Brian joined the company as Vice-President in 1995.

 The 2000’s: “Retro-fit” the right fit for Elmira…


Complete Northstar kitchen

In 2001, Elmira took a sixty-year leap forward, adding 1950’s-styled fridges to its 1890’s-styled appliances. The fresh colors – Candy Red, Robin’s Egg Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Mint Green, Tropical Blue; along with more subtle Black, Bisque and White – smooth curved lines and bright chrome accents, were an immediate hit. Drawn by the trend to reminiscent styling, a younger group of consumers quickly adopted Elmira’s Northstar line as its own answer to throwback styling. Over the past seventeen years, the Northstar line has expanded to include refrigerators, keg fridges, ranges, range hoods, splashbacks, microwaves and dishwashers – an impressive offering of twenty-three models in total!


2006 Elmira head office, warehouse, manufacturing plant

2006 saw Elmira Stove Works move into its current office, warehouse and manufacturing building in Elmira; a move that provides the company with state-of-the-art facilities for current operations and future expansion. (A rooftop solar system supplies half of the electrical power used in the building.) In 2009, Elmira Stove Works returned to its roots in the cookstove business with the introduction of the revolutionary Fireview stove. The Fireview features modern clean-burn technology, a viewing window, and optional propane side burners… all while maintaining Elmira’s signature vintage styling.

The Future: Innovation and originality…

Elmira is constantly upgrading the styling and performance of its products, yet the company remains committed to maintaining the authenticity and craftsmanship that sets them apart. In 2011, Tom Hendrick was inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association Hall of Fame as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Today, Tom serves as the company’s Founder & CEO, and Brian has assumed the role of President.

It may seem like an unusual business plan – recreate from the past, with an eye to the future – but it’s a plan that has succeeded for Elmira Stove Works for over four decades!