Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) / Windows XP:

IE8 on Windows XP does not support the “Dream Kitchen” functionality. Free downloads of more current browsers are available online. Click to download one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Tablets & Private Browsing:

On some tablets if your Private Browsing setting is checked, changes to appliances and / or Dream Kitchen will not save or display. In your tablet’s “Settings”, disable Private Browsing and clear the History and Cookies and Data.


By clicking on “Share” in the “View” screen, you can select how you would like to share the Dream Kitchen tool with friends and colleagues – email, social media, etc. The “Share” function shares only the tool; not your completed kitchen.

Save & Send:

Once you have saved your completed Dream Kitchen as a PDF, you can send it to friends or colleagues. Simply attach it to an email or, with the PDF file open, click on ”File”, then “Save & Send” and choose the action you prefer.