Ranges – Colors & Options

With seven colors and combinations, hundreds of available custom colors, and dozens of decorative and functional options to choose from, the possibilities for your Antique range are almost endless!


Match or complement your décor with one of our seven colors and combinations.

color-black color-white color-Bisque

Standard Colors: Black, White, Bisque

color-Cayenne-Pepper-Red color-Liberty-Blue color-black-white color-black-bisque

Premium Colors: Cayenne Pepper Red, Liberty Blue, Black / White combination, Black / Bisque combination

View approximations of the hundreds of available RAL custom colors here.

Decorative Metal Trims

StandardNickelFinish OptionalCopperFinish

Choose the traditional Nickel metal trims (standard), or upgrade to our rich Antique Copper* trims. (Also available on optional door frames, front legs, front skirt and Victorian trivet.)

* Our Antique Copper finish uses a unique six-step process to create just the right tone and texture: The steel parts are hand-polished to remove burrs and sharp edges, then nickel-plated, and then copper-plated over the nickel. Next a black oxide is applied over the copper, and then most of the oxide is meticulously hand-buffed off of the copper to leave a hint of “antiquing”. Finally, several fine coats of lacquer are applied over the copper and oxide to prevent tarnishing. It’s a lot of work, but well worth the result!

Door Frames

DoorFrames CopperFrames1

Give your range an added touch of elegance with polished Nickel or Antique Copper door frames.

Legs & Skirt


Nickel legs and skirts nicely accent any of our ranges. Also available in Antique Copper.

Victorian Trivet


Cast from an authentic circa 1880 pattern, then plated in Nickel or Antique Copper. The trivet looks spectacular when combined with matching legs, door frames and / or skirt.



Decorative scrollwork around door castings is manually buffed to expose the silver metal beneath, giving ranges and wall ovens an even more antique appearance. Antiquing is not recommended with Copper accents, or on White or Bisque appliances. (Not available on refrigerators or microwaves.)

Short Legs


Anyone shorter than 5’2″ will appreciate the convenience of our short legs; 2″ shorter than standard. Available in all colors or metal trims. (Minimum base cabinet opening required with short legs is 30 3/4″; ideal opening is 33″.)

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