|retro fridges|1950 Appliances|1950 Appliances|1950 Appliances RETRO FRIDGEIf you are undertaking a retro renovation of your home, you definitely must be on the look out for a retro fridge. As a vintage appliance lover, you can bring in retro styling of your home bang up-to-date with the rounded edges and nostalgic feel, with a brand new fridge built using today's technology with yesterday's retro look. They are so cute and really add a great retro touch to any room in your home. Wouldn’t a black Frigidaire look terrific in your home? A whole lot of manufactures these days are lining up appliances including a retro fridge with a retro look to meet the changing tastes of modern day living. If you are reminiscent of the days when defrosting the freezer every two weeks was just something you had to do, you would love to bring in the real thing in your home. You could go out and seek authentic fridges. Old refrigerators from the 1930s through the 1950s were really durable as they had thick insulated doors. They were typically sturdier than their modern counterparts which are very flimsy and much lighter. They often are more energy-efficient, too, since they lack defrosters and water dispensers. In case you want an ice maker and water dispenser package, it could be added at a little extra cost. The most popular fridges for those inclined to the retro look are the Depression-era Monitor Top ones. Theses retro fridges can be fully restored by installing good insulation and an energy efficient compressor. Others simply love the look of the new retro fridge with the designs which are both retro and hip and bring in nostalgia reminding them of their grandmothers' kitchens. A number of manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that we like things that look like our mothers and grandmothers may have owned them. If you are one of those who like vintage items which were simple, easy and uncomplicated and also have low energy consumption, there are a whole line of fridges available that combine nostalgic design and color with modern efficiency. You could get a fridge which has fin-shaped handles and a logo plate reminiscent of the 1950s Thunderbirds. You could get a fridge made of stamped metal and real chrome which offers quality and style. If you want something colorful, you could get a fridge in cherry red, buttercup yellow and pink lemonade to match with your décor. Another recent device which just looks too cool is a miniaturized version designed like a retro American 1950s refrigerator. Retro fridges which are really small devices measuring 200 x 83 x 94 mm, enough to keep a beer box in it, and powered by USB technology to power directly from your PC or Mac port with no need for driver installs are also available. Some even have the heater function, being able to keep your coffee warm at maximum 30 degrees Celsius on the desk while maintaining your drinks cool at minimum 5 degrees Celsius.

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