Focusing the flames

|mid century modern kitchen|mid century modern kitchen|mid century refrigerator|mid century refrigerator The wood burner comes from humble beginnings in the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region of northeastern France. The first woodburning cookstove patent was established in 1557 in the city of Strasbourg
In the earliest stages, these stoves were considered luxury items, due to the expense of materials. It would take the arrival of the Industrial Revolution some two centuries later to make iron affordable enough for the wood cookstove to spread in availability and popularity.

Victorian Wood burning cookstoves offer families the best of both worlds: excellent cooking and an antique, right-at-home feel. They keep utility costs down and they are a reliable source for cooking, even when the power goes out. With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to fall in love with a wood-burning cookstove!

During the first few hot firings of your Fireview cookstove, the cookplates will begin to change color. This is a normal process. As you burn the stove more, the color will become more consistent across the cooktop.

To help prevent stains and rusting of the cookplates, apply a light coating of vegetable oil once the stove has completely cooled after each firing. When you are not going to be firing your stove for an extended period (longer than a week or so, and especially if you will be away from the stove for a full season), apply a heavy coating of oil. If possible, re-apply additional coats at least every four to six weeks.

An oven slide damper located at the back left side of the cooktop. This damper controls how much of the heat generated in the firebox goes directly up the chimney, and how much is diverted to heat the oven. When you are first starting your stove, you will want air to flow freely up the chimney for maximum draft. As the fire is established, you can close down the oven damper to provide heat to the oven and to reduce the speed at which your wood burns.

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