The only North American mid century refrigarator range with a self-cleaning oven. Imagine these beautiful pro-style ranges in your retro, contemporary, modern or arts-and-crafts kitchen!

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With features and options like standard self-cleaning ovens, programmable delayed bake, high-performance gas burners or high-speed radiant elements, true convection ovens and a two-cubic-foot warmer; Northstar ranges are up for some serious performance.

Northstar ranges are manufactured in North America.

Yet another bright and colorful spot at KBIS 2016 was the Northstar Appliances display from Elmira Stove Works. In fact, even though the booth was tucked away against a back wall of the convention center, it was still a very popular spot. It was difficult for me to get pictures of the products because they were constantly surrounded by people oohing and aahing over their magnetic retro radiance.

Of course, we think that our mid century refrigerator would look fantastic in a kitchen paired with some of these fun Northstar Appliances, too! Hey, they even have a nice "Mint Green" color that might be a good match to our ‘Delightful Jade' … and what about a Flamingo Pink range with countertops finished in our ‘First Lady Pink' boomerangs?

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