Five Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Hacks

|mid century modern kitchen|mid century modern kitchen|mid century refrigerator|mid century refrigerator Elmira Stove Works offers a complete line of 1950s-inspired mid-century modern kitchen appliances to give your space a trend forward, mid-century modern feel. Plus, our appliances are equipped with the very latest in cooking technology – which means you’ll never sacrifice the performance you demand for the aesthetics you prefer.

Dishwasher Panels
If you're looking for a project that requires less time than painting, switching out the panel on your panel-ready dishwasher is the perfect project for you. Our Model 1957 panel picture1will enhance any retro lover's kitchen. This pop of color in a modern kitchen will establish

a new focal point, and adding it to an existing retro-inspired kitchen, enhances the
authenticity even more. The Northstar panel fits most 24-inch wide fully integrated dishwashers that accept panels. You get the look and feel of a brand new dishwasher without having to actually purchase one!

Stunning lines and outstanding colors make Northstar appliances the perfect fit for retro, contemporary or modern kitchens. All Northstar appliances are loaded with 21st century features, upgrades and conveniences needed for any cooking style.

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