|mid century modern kitchen|mid century modern kitchen|mid century refrigerator|mid century refrigerator Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern Neighborhood Decorative Home Figurines for the Holiday Season

Its no doubt that the home is the focal point for the holiday season. Many families gather around rooms like the kitchen, or the living room to spend time celebrating the season. From our woodburning cookstoves to the mid-century modern retro refrigerator, both appliances represent a centralized gathering space in the home, and are sure to bring everyone together for the holidays.

You know what else is a true vintage delight?
Elmira Northstar Fridge in Mint Green Elmira, of course! And we'd like to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with one of our green mid-century modern Northstar appliances. We offer our traditional Mint Green color, but don't forget we also create custom colors.

So this St. Patrick's Day, fill your kitchen with green Northstar appliances and pour a bowl of Lucky Charms. You'll feel about as festive and vintage as a mid-century Leprechaun!

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