Elmira Victorian stoves

|mid century modern kitchen|mid century modern kitchen|mid century refrigerator|mid century refrigerator Our Victorian stoves ranges are accessible in a multitude of colors to complement your kitchen's design scheme: Black, White, Bisque, Cayenne Pepper Red, Liberty Blue, Jewel Green, Black / White combination, or Black / Bisque combination.

Additionally, other decorative metal trim accents are available; including a Victorian trivet, decorative shelf, door frames, leg and front skirt trim all in Nickel, Antique Copper or Antique Brass.

  • Note: A certified double-wall stove pipe must be used to maintain 6" clearance (dimension E) from pipe to combustibles.

  • The approved stove pipe must extend from the chimney to the stove.

  • Note: These are factory-recommended clearances. Local, state
    or provincial building and fire codes take precedence and must be
    observed. Clearances are subject to change without notice.
    When heat shield is installed, dimensions B and F are taken from
    heat shield. ("Heat shield" refers to complete stove/-pipe shield kit.)
    Dimension E is taken from outside edge of pipe

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