1950' FRIDGE

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If you're all-in on color, Elmira offers a full range of appliances in virtually any color you can imagine, including Ultra Violet. "Go for bold" and create a style statement by pairing white cabinets with 1950s-inspired Northstar fridge appliances in Ultra Violet.

Today's kitchen is not your Grandma's now, you can fit your unique personality into Thanksgiving without giving up the modern conveniences. Much like their original 1950s counterparts, retro fridges today offer customized shades and a range of styles to choose from. The outside may look foreign to those of the millennial generation, but its features are not.

Here are just a few bells and whistles to expect:

  • Self-cleaning ovens

  • Convection ovens for faster, even, precise baking and broiling

  • Programmable ovens for baking and self-clean

  • Warmer drawers

  • Frost-free fridges

  • Ice makers

  • Large functional freezers

  • Filtered cold water dispensers

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