Dishwasher Panels


Complete your vintage-styled kitchen with a matching Antique dishwasher panel. Model 1893 panels fit most fully integrated panel-ready model 24″ wide dishwashers that accept panels approximately 30-5/16″ x 23-1/2″. Our panels weigh approximately 17.5 pounds.

Available in Black/White, Black/Bisque, Black, White, Bisque, Cayenne Pepper Red and Liberty Blue; with a choice of optional Nickel or Antique Copper door frame.

“Fully integrated” means the controls are on top of the door, out of sight, when the dishwasher is closed. “Panel-ready model” means the dishwasher is designed to accommodate a custom panel. Check with your dealer to ensure your dishwasher will accommodate a panel with the specifications noted above.

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